it's not us; it's not them. it's what happens.

We're building a place where investigative techie minds comes to flourish. Sometimes this means we enable them to go out and flourish even more... somewhere else.

We love it when that happens - it's pretty much the biggest compliment we can get.

the list

dan wainwright

- digital intern in 2018, now a full-stack developer at Bloomberg.

andrew sawers

- ux developer in 2018, now a UX developer at Cisco.

ben allen

- developer, 2018-2019, now a microchip wizard at ARM.

elliot bewey

- digital intern in 2019, continuing his CS studies.

george bott

- developer in 2019, now full-time keyboard warrior.

jonny spicer

- developer 2019/2020, now backend specialist at Zoopla.

alex jans

- data scientist 2019-2021, now robs banks in Holland. Oh, sorry, works at a robobank in Holland.