help us help you to help us to help you.

We use technology to build cool stuff that we like and think others might like. Which means there's a bunch of stuff we need help with.

All of our roles come with a promise of being an integral part of a close team that loves what they do. We're building something awesome - together.

If you're interested in any of these opportunities, then get in touch for a chat - by all means submit a CV or portfolio or some other indicator of your mad skillz; there's no pressure.

Important: cultural fit wins above all else. Not sure if you're suitable? Let's chat and find out.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketer

'Cos the products ain't worth nuffin' if we can't sell 'em

You'll be working on all aspects of our business - but focussing on helping us bring our fledgling stuffs to the market. You'll help us design cross-channel marketing strategies to effectively visualise our blue sky synergies.

Or not, you know. If you can help us tell our story and market our wares then this could be for you.

You'll hopefully have some experience in technology businesses, but perhaps most importantly is a drive to help us build our brands, and develop the marketing and delivery strategy to take our products to the next level.

(If you can do actual front end development then so much the better!)

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Because stuff shouldn't always look like it was made by developers

We have made some jolly cool stuff which is pushing boundaries and making actual differences. (Probably.)

The problem is it doesn't always look very good. Occasionally described as "having had a car driven through it". Go figure.

So if you're up for helping us making it look better, then get in touch! You'll be involved in all aspects of our business - our public-facing web properties, our apps, and other assets. From branding and logo design, to web design and user interfaces.

If you're an ambitious graphics wizard looking for a new challenge then we're keen to hear from you.

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Graphic and web designer


We have a lot of code to write

Cortex have the best software engineering team in Guernsey. (IT'S TRUE.)

We build cutting-edge stuffs with the latest tools and we've got room for someone else to help us do moar and moar.

You'll be well-versed in .NET and C# and ideally you'll at least know what Blazor is. Knowledge of SQL and cloud tech (Azure espesh) is a bonus.

If you're looking for an ambitious and innovative tech company that will challenge you to get better at your craft, then get in touch.

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