who we are

geek is not an insult

We are IT professionals with an unashamed passion for understanding how things work.

Not everyone understands the beauty of an elegant solution to a difficult problem. But it's what we do.

We take our work seriously; ourselves... not so much.

What We Do About Us

the team

Allow ourselves to introduce... ourselves.

Matt Thornton

Matt "Mr T" Thornton

Founder, CEO, Developer

Matt's biggest (and most irritating) asset is his attention to detail. Whether it's spotting bugs in code or spotting grammatical errors in other people's work, Matt will find it and tell you about it.

Usually with an obnoxious smirk on his face.

After a long spell at University honing his analytical skills, gaining a PhD in remote sensing and computer science, Matt has spent the last 15 or so years applying them in Guernsey.

Trivia: don't interrupt him if he's in the zone - usual signs are air drumming, fixated stare on random object and/or swearing prolifically - unexpected behaviour may will result.

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Marc Beavan

Marc "Bev" Beavan

Founder, CTO, Developer

Marc is living proof that delivering IT solutions should be fun. With no shortage of inappropriate jokes and a penchant for punishing people who leave their computers unattended, Marc's no holds barred approach means things get done; and they get done right.

(Sometimes even first time.)

With 15+ years' experience spanning London and Guernsey, Marc never shies away from a challenge.

In fact, if you need something doing, tell him it's impossible and watch him prove you wrong.

Trivia: Marc enjoys drawing "space rockets" on things, especially your notepad.

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Jason "Debbie" Magee


Jase is a full-on code monkey with an unholy taste for biscuits and unnecessarily tight ball-hugging jogging bottoms. It's been known to cause power outages.

He particularly likes systems that are protected by 18 layers of VPN / security / authentication and definitely won't whinge about it at any available opportunity.

But he's pretty handy with Blazor, so we let him off. Just don't leave your foods unattended.

Trivia: he doesn't like mince pies or impatient car drivists.

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Dan Steadman

Dan "D2" Steadman


Staniel Deadman is our platform ninja. If you need a platform. And a ninja. Then he's your man.

(Although he is a little short to be a storm-trooper.)

That's why he likes platforms! Geddit!? Right? You know, to stand on. Oh.

ANYWAY, if you want a SharePoint potion conjured up (with a pinch of Powershell), then he's your dude. He especially digs doing SharePoint upgrades - the older and more out of date the version the better. SPS Portal Server 2003 to SharePoint 2019 Enterprise? NO PROBLEM! AND moreso if they have an unholy mishmash of custom solutions that haven't compiled in decades. He loves that.

Just be warned that he hummmms - not in a stinky way! - in a musical way. Except not very musically.

Trivia: he needed stabilisers on his shang until he was 23.


Matt "Danny" Champion


Danny claims to be "passionate about writing clean, maintainable code and producing software that is easy to use, accessible and that effectively meets client needs." We hope that means good things because all we really know is that Danny is easily the politest and most stylish person in the office. Admittedly that's not saying a great deal, given that jogging bottoms are de rigeur around here, but still. His Rupert the Bear impersonation is second to none.

If that wasn't enough, Danny is (a) very tall and (b) drinks tea by the kegful.

Oh, and he's pretty hand with teh codez too, which is useful for a company like ours.

Trivia: Danny has never seen Back To The Future.

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support staff

pretty much do all the real work (despite being completely fictional)



Robotic Developer Squirrel

There's nothing to be confused about. Unless you don't receive the Cortex email newsletter. In which case, yep, this could be confusing. It's a metaphor.



Office Helper

Bob crops up in many places. Usually Git commits and demo portals.



Accounts Clerk

Barbara is a make believe accounts persona. "She" sends invoices but that's about it. And that's mostly just Matt in a dress. (We have an actual proper real-life accountant for actual accountancy duties.)

If you want to go more in depth about the business, its founders and its ethos, then why not read this interview with Matt and Marc from January 2019. You can also read about our alumni.