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We use technology to solve problems. I think we mentioned that.

We also use technology to build cool stuff that we like and think others might like.

Cool tech
tabi - Time and Billing system for professional services companies


Time and Billing Intelligence.

tabi is a full-featured time and billing system. It's very generic but works especially well in consultancy / agency scenarios with clients, projects, cost codes, fee rates, time, biscuits and budgets for beer and such likes.

We can't remember why we called it Seahorse.

We renamed it to tabi. (Time and Billing Intelligence. See! Sorry Seahorse.)

Have a look!


The weirder the name, the awesomer it must be

Bragi is our homegrown Data Warehouse / SQL environment automation tool. Rapidly build out load / archive / stage tables (and spin up scheduled jobs to do repeated ETL/ELT.)

With Bragi, your data warehouse build and maintenance processes are simplified and streamlined.

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ReportGenie - CRS & FATCA tool


Because everyone *loves* regulatory reporting

Do you hate CRS & FATCA? SO DO WE.

We have been helping our clients make FATCA and CRS submissions to Guernsey (IGOR) as well as Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE and Jersey jurisdictions since 1962. Well it's more like 2015 but you know.

This is all achieved using our purpose-built tooling that speeds up the XML creation side of things. It's also got support for corrections baked-right-in.

It's really cool for something so boring and annoying.

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Find your next property, vehicle or job in Guernsey.

Seeker is a search engine and data aggregator for Guernsey. We index information that is freely available on the internet and then provide links to it. Much like a search engine except we provide a refinement layer over the top to help you make the search more focused. The site’s purpose is to just make it simpler for people in Guernsey to find what they’re looking for from other Guernsey businesses - whether that's a property, vehicle or jobs. In other words, we provide another way for people to find websites and the listings on them, providing that website with free traffic and hopefully increasing the likelihood that buyers and vendors find each other all the while supporting local Guernsey business.

Seeker.gg →


Insights Portal

forget big data; this is a whopper

In-depth market data about the Guernsey Property Market... daily movements, transactions, historic property details.

And the recruitment market. AND vehicles. Awesome.

You name it, we got it. (Whopper connection right there. Right?)

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Because Excel is not a good way to manage data.

No seriously - stop using Excel as a database. Excel is great for some things, we do love it... pivot tables, VLOOKUPS, 3000 line VBA macros, all good.

But all those spreadsheets (you know the ones - "v3.1 draft final - comments - DO NOT USE.xls") that you use to manage critical business data - STOP IT.

Use nabu. Just do it.

More information available on request.

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This is our farm, man.

We have various other inflight doohickeys, oojimaflips and thingamebobs that we will gush all about just as soon as we possibly can. We will, honest.

We also have a bridge for sale. Very reasonable.

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