get in touch

it's good to talk (sometimes)

We've an office in the beautiful town of St Peter Port in Guernsey. You can find us at the top of Smith Street. Give us a knock! We have a beer fridge and a pool table. And amazing views of Herm.

(Don't worry about the lions - they're plastic, and mostly harmless.)

We have a fax machine but unfortunately it ran out of paper in 1987. The roof-mounted lasers are trained to shoot down carrier pigeons, it's just a smidge too windy in our tower to receive smoke signals and there's something about morse code that just makes us drowsy.

So if you don't have a Telex, you could email us. Whatever sinks your ship. Just please.... we hate spam as much as you do. (Cat pics and/or hilarious misadventures are OK, tho.)

We're also on these new-fangled social medias... Twitter and, eugh, LinkedIn.

Speak soon xx