what we do

we won't fix your printer

We use technology to solve problems.

We've built large, enterprise-grade information systems. We've built hand-crafted bespoke credit card processing engines. We've built platform-based data warehousing. And monster document management housing millions of documents and terabytes of data.

We've also built tactical utilities to just bally-well make a problem go away.

We're a bit like the A-Team, just without the amazing van and* fear of planes. We really do rather like it when a plan comes together.


staying on top

say hello to the squirrel

It's impossible to keep up with the constant yet incredible developments in technology, but we won't stop trying.

From machine learning to Raspberry Pi to app development to messenger bots, we set aside time to just have fun with new technology. An interactive machine learning messenger app that runs on a Pi? Cool!

We constantly explore the new tech so that we can at least wing it reassuringly. And we then put some of it in to real life action, just to prove we're not totally full of it.


make tech work

have you turned it off and on again?

We don't just turn it off and on again. I mean, we do do that, but then we get stuck-in to really find out how it all works (or why it broke.)

And then we make it work harder. (Break it more...)

Our collective futures will be guided by the technology. (And pictures of cats, probably.)


give a little bit back

because we're nice like that

The Cortexologists are a mixture of homegrown Guerns and filthy Johnny Foreigners - but we're united in our love for Guernsey. We're proud and fortunate to live in such a beautiful place.

We do what we can to give back, whether that's using our time and expertise to help out with tech problems or else just sponsoring stuff.

Fluffy Stuff

* Actually Mr T does now have a pretty sweet van and that's absolutely definitely not as an inevitable result of nominative determinism. OK, foo'?