what we do

we won't fix your printer

We use technology to solve problems.

We've built large, enterprise-grade information systems; whether that's hand-crafted bespoke credit card processing engines, or platform-based data warehousing, or document management systems for millions of documents.

We've also built tactical utilities to just solve a problem.

So if you have a problem, and don't know who to call, try us. We're a bit like the A-Team, just without the amazing van and fear of planes.



We have many years' experience in consultancy. We work directly with our clients to help define strategy and roadmaps; and then roll up our sleeves and get stuck in.

strategic partnerships

We're your classic software engineers. we know the solution - we just perhaps don't know what the problem is. that's where you come in - talk to us about joint ventures in technology and let's build something together.


We have a whiteboard (well, Trello list) chock full of ideas that we're exploring. Some ideas are in financial services; some are about car parks. If there's the opportunity to create something fun and innovative, we'll explore it.


staying on top

say hello to the squirrel

It's nigh on impossible to keep up with all the incredible developments in technology, but we won't stop trying. From machine learning to Raspberry Pi to app development to messenger bots, we set aside time to just experiment with new technology. An interactive machine learning messenger app that runs on a Pi?

We constantly explore the new tech so that we can at least wing it reassuringly. and we then put some of in to real life action, just to prove we're not totally full of it.

CRS Reporting

We have created utilities to assist with the generation of regulatory compliant XML for the creation of CRS submissions and corrections. More info.

Property Data

We provide the States of Guernsey with information on the Guernsey housing market that forms part of their quarterly bulletin. We also built Seeker.gg - a full-fat data aggregator for Guernsey - property, vehicles, jobs - and more.

Valuing number plates

Machine learning for valuing Guernsey car number plates. And some web scraping for good measure. More info.