bye bye beasty

sniff; the alumni grows

2019-07-12 17:04:06


today we wish a very sad farewell to our much-loved temp-turned-intern-turned-map-developer-ninja - Ben "The Beast" Allen.

Ben joined us (sort of) fresh-faced from University - yielding a Master's degree in Electronics Engineering. And whilst we did have Ben flexing his sizeable electronics know-how (not that we can recall a project he actually finished...) we also got him going on - Cortex's new website for Guernsey to help people find a new home, car and career. (Plug over.)

Ben added huge amounts to the project but perhaps most noticeably is the filtering and mapping functionality - including spending several days hand-plotting school catchment boundaries - so you do anything with the search functionality and showing the results on a map - chances are high that Ben did it. (That's our excuse if it's not working.)

Ben leaves us to get a proper job more related to his Uni work - he's off to the UK to design microchips at ARM. As you do.

So if you think your next iPhone is running particularly smoothly; it was probably because he's been in there and sorted it all out for them. Or something like that. We'd like to think so, anyway.

Bye bye Beast - thanks for all your hard work; we'll miss you and your insanely tight shorts and the random food you've left in the fridge.

Don't be a stranger - come back soon! (Mostly because you still need to finish the sign.)