Check out my Pi-Hole

i don't want to dock with your hole thank you very much

2022-07-09 12:56:32
Marc blogged:

We have been running a pi-hole at Cortex Towers since we started 4+ years ago and it has proven to block out a bucket load of adverts and tracking traffic.

The pi-hole acts as a DNS for the local network which means all internet traffic gets passed through it. The pi-hole then screens each request to see if it features on a blacklist of known advert or tracking domains and if they are, then it blocks them. This results in less traffic being requested leading to better performance, and better security, with less info leaking to the leeches out there.

This post walks through the steps I followed to get the latest version of the pi-hole up and running inside Docker, running on a Raspberry Pi 3 and hooked into my home network which is running Google Nest. All built from my Mac, although that doesn’t make any difference.

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