data warehousing 101: where do you start?

you can also ask why it's called Bragi

2022-02-22 14:52:49


as part of the Digital Greenhouse's Data Week 2022, join Marc for a hands-on deep-dive plums-out in to how to get started with data warehousing.....

... and get a free tour of our homegrown data warehousing tool Bragi!

So you think you want a data warehouse? Whether you’ve got 1 data source or 20, the reasons for creating a data warehouse are many and well-known enabling a wide range of operational and strategic benefits. But where do you start?

Join Marc from Cortex for a live primer on how to get going on the journey. He’ll talk through the core principles of data warehousing whilst giving a live demo of Bragi, their bespoke warehouse automation tool.