digital internship starts today

our work place is like all work places (honest)

2019-07-15 07:11:50


Our work place is - as far as we know - not really like anyone else's workplace at all.

But in a good way, we hope - and that is what our next digital intern - Elliot Bewey - is about to discover.

Elliot is a student at the Guernsey College of Further Education and joins us for 6 weeks on the Digital Greenhouse's digital internship programme. We met Elliot earlier in the year at the GCFE tech day when he amazed us with his Google-powered-sentient-door-cam-security-solution-box-a-ma-jig.

We've got all sorts of exciting technological challenges lined up for him - and, apparently - he's never played pool either - so we'll sort that out too.

Welcome, Elliot - and, good luck.