Guernsey's first cryptocurrency (with limited edition NFT)

CortexCoin - if you can't beat 'em, join 'em

2022-04-01 00:00:10


We are super excited to announce today the launch of what is believed to be the first and only genuinely 110% locally-based ESG-friendly cryptocurrency in Guernsey.

Welcome to CortexCoin (symbol: C0C)

The blockchain behind the currency is running entirely on-island (in a lair situated beneath the old aquarium) powered by a custom-built super-array of sea-water-cooled RaspberryPiZero.

In a world-first, the array is entirely powered by renewable energy which is all derived from a brand new energy source using Guernsey's finest natural and inexhaustible energy store: seaweed. In a novel "seaweed to energy" method, the Seaweed-Heat-Infusing-Total-Energisation process is absolutely unique to Guernsey.

The CortexCoin is the future of the finance industry in Guernsey.

The ICO is live now and is limited to just 1,000,000 with a minimum initial investment of just one thousand C0C (one C0Ck).

The team here have been working on this for over a week now (since the Digital Greenhouse presentation on the crypto during data week 2022) which makes us some of the most knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy in the industry.

TO CELEBRATE this momentous day, we have launched a single-mint NFT (pictured above) - which we are giving away FOR FREE! (That is the original so please don't right-click and Save As, thanks.)

Potentially worth literally millions of C0C, for your chance to win, simply invest now - every C0Ck will receive one entry to win.

For full details, prospectus, more info and how to buy, just visit this page. We use better-than-industry-standard-encryption (it's crypto, after all), so you'll need the password.

Invest now!