J-5 is alive

Meet Cortex's latest indoctrinee - Jonny Spice Boy no. 5.

2019-05-14 15:49:30


We've got a T-Bag and a B-Bag. A D2 and a G-Bot. And an AJ. We've also got a Beast. Beast doesn't get the hyphenated pet name because - well, he is actually a beast*.

But when Jonny arrived at Cortex HQ as our latest recruit; we all felt a bit misty-eyed and nostalgic about 1986 classic film Short Circuit. Which ironically was released before 4/7ths of the team were actually born. Minor detail.

So welcome J-5 to the team - we hope you settle in nicely. If you want to know what Jonny actually does, then nag us to update the team page so it's not just a blurry picture of B-Bag's face.

* Not really. A little. But not really really.
** There's also Jurassic 5 if you want to go old school hip-hop and/or release the opportunity for dinosaur-themed naming.