Simultaneous Electronic Voting is live

hooray for the sounds of silence

2022-09-09 04:35:49


Heidi Soulsby probably said it best when she described it as "an inauspicious start". That was very fair, and considerably more accurate than some of the other commentary in the press and around social media.

The fact it worked moreorless flawlessly on day 2 has been overlooked (and obviously now overshadowed by bigger news.)

There is a whole story to tell here, including the events leading to the system at all, what went wrong on day 1, what we did to fix it and how well it went on day 2. Including the fact it was never meant to be actually "live" at all; but that will come as we look back over the events of this week. Lots of lessons to be learnt.

For now, though, this week marks the culmination of more than a year's work across the whole team and the development of a system which has, to be completely clear, facilitated constitutional change in the way the States of Guernsey manages its parliamentary duties.

A landmark event, no doubt, and hopefully one that will be remember for all the right reasons.

We are incredibly proud of the team we have built here.