Tech podcasts round-up

Ear candy for the soul. Or something.

2022-05-22 12:16:32
Marc did a blog:

Over the last few years, I seem to have increased the number of podcasts that I consume and I find that they are a great way to find out about some of the new tech, stay motivated or just chill out and unwind a little. The commute into work and the odd plod/pootle for exercise is podcast prime-time!

My subscriptions have evolved with podcasts ceasing to be and my tastes changing. It has taken a long time to discover many of the podcasts, some of which have been running for 10+ years, so I thought it would be useful to throw the list together here and I’ll update it with any new ones as I find them. Am also hoping that anyone who finds this list useful and who has suggestions will throw them across. It is always nice to discover a new podcast with a back catalogue to work through.

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